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10 hours ago


Around 70% of all carbon emissions are emitted from cities worldwide, which is why we need to focus on the cities to be able to turn around our impact on the planet 🌎 In 2017 Copenhagen had reduced its CO2 emissions by 42% (1,4 mio tonnes emitted per year) since 2005. But how do we actually measure municipal CO2 emissions? Danish municipalities have united to improve climate and energy reporting which has recently resulted in a report. Municipalities throughout the country have been collecting data for several years on their CO2 emissions and have created CO2 accounts that detail how much CO2 the municipality emits from for example production, traffic and private households. A correct measurement of our emissions is extremely important, so we actually can evaluate the effect of our actions. Luckily lots of clever people are working on this! 💪
The photo is from our tour 1 in Copenhagen where we use some of these numbers to explain how close we are to net zero emissions 🌱
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1 day ago


I had the pleasure of showing Julie and Dwayne Malmö today 🙌 They were so impressed by the city’s climate initiatives and especially how beautiful the climate adaptation is - like this canal which help manage storm water locally while being an aesthetic plus to the area and also a great habitat for insects and birds 🐦🐞💧 Thanks for joining us! ... See MoreSee Less

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Explore the green and sustainable city with us

Green Bike Tours was critical to the success of our study abroad program. The guide gave a comprehensive overview about sustainability efforts in Copenhagen and Denmark and so much more, including political/social history and contemporary information of the area. She went off script and had our driver take us by interesting locations in the greater Copenhagen region so students could see even more than what was planned for the day.
I would highly recommend Green Bike Tours to anyone looking for expertise in sustainability and energy in Denmark!

Samantha Rommel, Cisabroad, USA

We were a group of 12 students and two teachers who took the green bike tour in Copenhagen. The guide took us around a big part of the city. We visited several interesting places when it comes to sustainable technology, design, city planning and architecture. The guide had excellent knowledge on the topics we were interested in and she also spoke English absolutely fluently. We are all very happy with the tour.

Niklas Biller, Soltorgsgymnasiet, Sweden

Thank you for some great hours in your beautiful city, the opinions from our students were ever so enthusiastic.
Wish you and Green Bike Tours all the best for the future

Kerstin Gross, Bäckängsgymnasiet in Borås, Sweden

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