What we do

Green Bike Tours plans and organizes tours with a focus on green solutions and sustainability in Copenhagen.

This is our field of work and what we know a lot about, and we’re all very dedicated in delivering the stories the best possible way!

We have tours for individuals as well as Groups.


We can all contribute to a better, greener world by taking responsible decisions and actions when it comes to energy solutions and sustainability.

Denmark is a flagship concerning green solutions and my vision with Green Bike Tours is to open peoples eyes to green solutions, and help them experience the green Denmark, hopefully inspiring a change for the better.

It is important to make an appeal to all people to become conscious about their own carbon footprint. We all have a responsibility for our planet and our future.

Our history


Founded by Helene in 2012

First trip!

Was for a group who wanted to learn about Copenhagen’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2025

New trips 2016

We have created new cool tours for everybody to join by bike


Our new website and booking calendar is up and running

Who we are

Helene Hjortlund
Green Bike Tours is founded by Helene Hjortlund, who takes a great interest in energy and green solutions and prior to this worked for 8 years as a communications advisor and manager in the energy business. She was also the Managing Director of Green Seminars that offered strategic learning to foreign cities to enable them to accelerate their city’s transition to green economy.

She has a master in italian and is an authorised guide with diploma.

Valérie Severin
Our authorized guide with diploma, Valérie Severin, has lived in Copenhagen for 10 years and loves to share her passion for this green city with guests from all over the world. Riding her bike through the city on a daily basis, makes her truly happy, as well as giving her the possibility of discovering new exciting hotspots and green initiatives. She has a broad, international commercial background in sales and also has a Master in French and Spanish.
Silvia Pugliese

Silvia’s favourite green site in Copenhagen is Middelgrunden wind farm, which provides sustainable wind energy to the city, located just outside the northern harbour. She is enthusiastic and proud to be a green guide: her dream is to get everyone inspired just like she was, when she saw those wind turbines standing out from Copenhagen landscape for the very first time.

Anton Wrisberg

Growing up in Copenhagen, Anton has always  taken for granted all the green and sustainable initiatives surrounding his everyday life. However, by living with international students, he has come to realise that what we have is unique.

Through his expatriation in Amsterdam and Brisbane he knows that one has to live in and not just visit a city to truly understand it. It is this knowledge about the green Copenhagen that he has been looking forward to sharing with people visiting his beloved city. He is especially looking forward to letting you in on a few secrets of how to get the most out of the sustainable Copenhagen as a student!

Josefine Wulffeld

Josefine lives in Copenhagen, and loves to experience and share the city’s many green initiatives. On a daily basis she is part of the danish bicycle-culture, and doesn’t go anywhere without her bike. She enjoys spending time in the green areas of the city, eating dinner from foodtrucks or markets and discovering new interesting places. For her, Copenhagen is the perfect combination of cityvibe and green experience.