Come along and explore the green and sustainable Copenhagen with us!


What we do

Green Bike Tours plans and organizes tours with a focus on green solutions and sustainability in Copenhagen.

This is our field of work and what we know a lot about, and we’re all very dedicated in delivering the stories the best possible way!

We have tours for individuals as well as Groups.


We can all contribute to a better, greener world by taking responsible decisions and actions when it comes to energy solutions and sustainability.

Denmark is a flagship concerning green solutions and my vision with Green Bike Tours is to open peoples eyes to green solutions, and help them experience the green Denmark, hopefully inspiring a change for the better.

It is important to make an appeal to all people to become conscious about their own carbon footprint. We all have a responsibility for our planet and our future.

Our history


Founded by Helene in 2012

First trip!

Was for a group who wanted to learn about Copenhagen’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2025

New trips 2016

We have created new cool tours for everybody to join by bike


Our new website and booking calendar is up and running

Who we are

Helene Hjortlund
Green Bike Tours is founded by Helene Hjortlund, who takes a great interest in energy and green solutions and prior to this worked for 8 years as a communications advisor and manager in the energy business. She was also the Managing Director of Green Seminars that offered strategic learning to foreign cities to enable them to accelerate their city’s transition to green economy.

She has a master in italian and is an authorised guide with diploma.

Léa Severino

Léa is a green guide. Her favourite green place in Copenhagen is the old greenhouse in the Botanical Garden. Peaceful, luxuriant and warm, this great construction from the 19th century is the dream place to read a book or quietly wander. The first thing Léa did when she moved to Copenhagen was to build her own bike from scratch. Since that day, Léa and her beloved bicycle have never left each other; from morning to evening, they keep on exploring the beauties of amazing Copenhagen together. They are both very excited to meet newcomers and take them for a ride, share with them all the secrets of the green capital.

David Cano
David is a green guide. His favourite green site is Tivoli Gardens, not just for its progressive approach to biodiversity and sustainability, but also for its generally magical vibe. Before moving to Denmark, he risked life and limb living and cycling in London, New York, and Madrid. So he’s understandably grateful to have landed in the world’s most bike-friendly city. Fascinated by sustainable cities, he loves exploring Copenhagen’s many green sites and hidden gems, and still can’t quite believe that it’s okay to swim in the harbour.
Karla Nüsing

Karla is a green guide. She got to know the green Copenhagen, right from the beginning, when she arrived in Denmark from Germany, and now she wants to open people’s eyes and help them discover the green Copenhagen. She grew up in a bicycle city and for her, a day without riding her bike is not a complete day. Her favorite spot in Copenhagen is the green roof at Rigsarkivet because you can bike here! 

Anton Wrisberg

Anton is a green guide. Growing up in Copenhagen, Anton has always  taken for granted all the green and sustainable initiatives surrounding his everyday life. However, by living with international students, he has come to realise that what we have is unique.

Through his expatriation in Amsterdam and Brisbane he knows that one has to live in and not just visit a city to truly understand it. It is this knowledge about the green Copenhagen that he has been looking forward to sharing with people visiting his beloved city. He is especially looking forward to letting you in on a few secrets of how to get the most out of the sustainable Copenhagen as a student!

Josefine Wulffeld

Josefine is a green guide. She lives in Copenhagen, and loves to experience and share the city’s many green initiatives. On a daily basis she is part of the danish bicycle-culture, and doesn’t go anywhere without her bike. She enjoys spending time in the green areas of the city, eating dinner from foodtrucks or markets and discovering new interesting places. For her, Copenhagen is the perfect combination of cityvibe and green experience.

Aurelia Brida
Aurelia is a green guide. When outside, she loves to absorb the small details, such as reflections in the windows, colourful houses and finding plants growing out of the concrete. Often you can see her cycling around in Copenhagen, with a big smile on her face appreciating the moment. Her favourite place is the Horticultural Garden, a place with a small pond with ducks in the middle and big old trees to climb.