Buying new clothes following the latest trends and seasons can be a very expensive habit for your wallet, but also for the environment. Having an overcrowded closet with clothes, where you actually only wear 60% of the content, is something most people can identify with. Globally we will consume 63% more clothes and shoes in 2030 corresponding to 102 million tons which will lead to an increase in the need for resources as well as increase the environmental impact.

Sustainable fashion
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However, Danish fashion brand Ganni took this well-known dilemma and established a brilliant new concept, which provides the brand with a frontwalking position in the Danish fashion industry. The concept consists of a service called ‘Ganni repeat’, where you can rent the brand’s clothes in anything from days to weeks, only to send it back when you are done – and you don’t even have to wash it before sending it back. You can rent everything from dresses, trousers, shirts to bags.

Ganni takes a big step in the right direction with this new circular economy concept that will also contribute to reducing the brands CO2 emission.

It is understandable that fashion brands start considering how to make less impact on the planet as the production of cloth is both very filthy and energy consuming. Consider the fact that producing one kilo of cotton – equivalent to a pair of jeans – requires 20.000 litres of water – meanwhile it is estimated that by 2030 four billion people will lack access to clean drinking water. For the fashion industry, it is key to deliver sustainable alternatives to current materials and to find new business models, which the Ganni is an example of.

Recycling and vintage shopping has become more normal and trendy over the past years, and many people use this way of shopping. Check out this list of cool vintage shops in Copenhagen

sustainable fashion walking tour
sustainable fashion walking tour

Here with Green Bike Tours we have a 2 hour walking tour called “sustainable fashion walking tour with visits in Copenhagen” which focuses on green vintage shopping. Amongst other, you will experience a circular exchange of clothes – where you will learn about recycling clothes and how to shop sustainably, and of course you will bring a piece of clothing to exchange in one of the stores. Furthermore it is also possible to book a 1,5 hour lecture with us regarding The transition of the fashion industry to become more sustainable.

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