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Come along and explore the green and sustainable Copenhagen with us!


"Green Bike Tours was critical to the success of our study abroad program. The guide gave a comprehensive overview about sustainability efforts in Copenhagen and Denmark and so much more, including political/social history and contemporary information of the area. She went off script and had our driver take us by interesting locations in the greater Copenhagen region so students could see even more than what was planned for the day.
I would highly recommend Green Bike Tours to anyone looking for expertise in sustainability and energy in Denmark!"

Samantha Rommel, Cisabroad, USA

"We were a group of 12 students and two teachers who took the green bike tour in Copenhagen. The guide took us around a big part of the city. We visited several interesting places when it comes to sustainable technology, design, city planning and architecture. The guide had excellent knowledge on the topics we were interested in and she also spoke English absolutely fluently. We are all very happy with the tour. "

Niklas Biller, Soltorgsgymnasiet, Sweden

"We applied for a Green Energy Tour on April 8th 2013. Helene suggested a three hour green sightseeing tour through Copenhagen with eCarts. During this tour we learnt about Copenhagen carbon free 2025 and saw different sights like the green roof, solar unit, examples of building efficiency, the harbor pool, a pocket park and the wind turbines - different sustainable solutions that will help the city achieve its goals. It was so much fun! Thank you, Helene."

Sarah Prugger, Product Developer, Südtirol Marketing, Italy

"We applied to Helene for two Green Energy Tours on March 28 and 29. The tour of the first day was a two hours boat trip to Middelgrunden windturbines and the second day, we had a three hour green sightseeing tour in Copenhagen with her. We could understand the outline of the Copenhagen’s effort for fully carbon neutral cities on her tours. During the tours, she performed her work diligently and was very kind to us. Thank you so much, Helene-san."

Michiaki Yumoto, Researcher, Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy, Japan

“Copenhagen is internationally known as a frontrunner when it comes to sustainability - on Helene’s tours you get a very inspirational and professional introduction to why Copenhagen holds this position. A part from a great personality Helene has loads of knowledge about Copenhagen and its eco-achievements and profile. I highly recommend her and will definitely book her again soon.”

Ulrika Mårtensson, senior press officer - meetings and stakeholders, Wonderful Copenhagen CVB

"I undertook a shorter version of the Green Copenhagen Tour with Helene. It was a very nice experience; the best part being the integration of the green solutions in the daily lives of the common Danish people. Helene was very active during the tour and gave very good background information about the places we visited. Her tours have recently been featured in one of the Indian television channels as well. I have no doubt in giving a very high recommendation to her tours".

Anshul Jain, Head and sector expert, Global Mentor - Trade Council, Danish Embassy, New Delhi