Looking for sightseeing tours in Copenhagen? Have you thought about going on a guided sightseeing tour -maybe a walking tour or even a bike tour? As you may know Copenhagen is famous for its bike lanes and it is really thrilling to drive around the city by bike and feel that special city vibe! Let me give you a couple of great options. But promise me to keep an open mind because this is not your usual historic sightseeing tour in Copenhagen.


Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen

A city with a big S

What does that even mean? Well the S stands for sustainability. Copenhagen won the green city award some years ago and is planning to be the first carbon neutral capital in the world. That is quite an aim if you ask me! And we at Green bike Tours want to share this vision by showing you the city from the sustainable and green point of view! And we do that with a variety of tours. Let me enlighten you! Because you deserve to go on the best sightseeing tours in Copenhagen ever!


Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen

Which tour should I take?

Well we have different sightseeing tours in Copenhagen. The tours take from 2 to 3 hours and you are well entertained along the way by our well informed, young and loveable green guides (meet the guides here: www.greenbiketours.dk/about) ! These tours are for totally normal people – what I mean by that is that you don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy our sightseeing tours. We simply enjoy to show you a city that is striving to be carbon neutral by 2025 –

Tour 1 – If you are into seeing the examples on how Copenhagen is working, and to hear a bit of facts and stats.

Tour 3 – If you are more into just having a chill ride, and experience the green Copenhagen.´The tour leads you into the neighborhoods of Nørrebro and Østerbro where you will see some cool places.


If you hate to bike we do also have a sustainable walking tour option – and a very good one I might add…in the centre of the city and I promise you that you will see a couple of hidden gems on this Tour 2.


Only for groups….

If you are a group and looking for special things to do with your group, we have two very cool sightseeing tours: An organic food tour by bike where you will get the best food and tastings and an interesting modern green architecture sightseeing tour which will take you to a newly built part of the city, Ørestad.


Well now it suddenly got difficult to decide which of the tours to take right?! Yeah well I know, a lot of great options within a field like sustainability and green and only so little time. Well maybe it would be a good idea to go to the website to read a little more about the different sightseeing tours in Copenhagen before you make up your mind – do it now right here http://www.greenbiketours.dk/ or write to us if you have questions or want to learn more! We definitely look forward to showing your around the green and sustainable Copenhagen.