The sustainable Malmö of the future by bike with Green Bike Tours

Tour 1 – Malmö – The sustainable city of the future tour by bike

Tour 1 features

This tour is presented to you by guides with an in-depth knowledge about the city as well as green and sustainable subjects. Meet our English speaking guides here.
Language: English
When is the tour: Every Saturday – the tour begins at 10 am (please be there 10 minutes before) and finishes at 12.30 pm.
Price: 40 euro (Tour fee) – you can pay with a credit Card before the tour starts.
Bikes: We collaborate with Donkey Republic (shared bike rental) and Travelshop AB (if you would like to rent a bike right before the tour starts, you can do it right in front of where the tour starts). Bike rental prices are between 65 – 150 SEK – 9 – 17 euro.
How to book: You’ll find the booking calender to the right of the page. Bookings can be made to 6 pm the day before the tour.
Where do we meet: We meet at Travelshop SE in Carlsgatan 4 close to the station. And this is also where the tour ends.

What to experience

When you choose a Green Bike Tour, you choose to see and explore the sustainable side of the city with us. This is what our tours are all about! And let me stress, the tours are for everyone who is curious about the subject.
The city of Malmø has very ambitious plans to become a sustainable city of the future. Malmø Works on adapting the city to the vulnerability of the future weather like flooding and droughts. Measures to adapt to climate change in Malmø have included local initiatives, incorporating innovative green and blue structures in areas of the city.
Among other places, we visit the Western Harbor where one of the neighborhoods the Bo01 is running 100% on renewable energy. We will focus on green roofs as well as storm water solutions. During the tour we focus on green architecture, urban sustainable planning and energy efficient building, as well as recycling, solar, biking and climate friendly food.



  • Resources and sustainable lifestyle - Designs to improve life

  • The green and blue city

  • Green Mobility - bike culture

  • Climate and green transformation

The tours we have here are basically the same but there are some variations depending on if you sign up as an individual in our booking calendar or if you represent a group. Let me give you some specifications.

Your receipt for your booking is the email you receive after having made the booking. Please notice that only if the tour is cancelled, you will receive an email 24 hours before the booked tour. You can unbook the tour up till 24 hours before.


Tour 1, 2 and 3 are for Groups and are presented to you by guides with an in-depth knowledge on the city as well as green and sustainability. Meet our guides here.
When is the tour: Contact us to and we will make the booking when it suits you and your group.
Price: Depends on the size of the group – for Groups up to 20 persons, the price is 40 euro per person + bike rental 17 euro. From 20 up to 70 we will give you a discount – we can handle groups up to 70 pax for both bike tours and walking tours. You are welcome to bring your own bikes!
Where do we meet: That is up to you. We can meet at your hotel and costumize the tour. If you want us to book the bikes, we suggest to meet at Travelshop, a bike rental shop in Carlsgatan 4, not far from main Station.