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Come along and explore the green and sustainable Copenhagen with us!


What we do

Green Bike Tours designs and perform guided tours focusing on the green and sustainable city. We are present in Copenhagen and Malmø.

This is our field of work and what we know a lot about, and we’re all very dedicated in delivering the stories the best possible way!

We have tours for individuals as well as Groups.


We can all contribute to a better, greener world by taking responsible decisions and actions when it comes to energy solutions and sustainability. By seeing how cities work on becoming greener, we get inspiration in our own lives and become more conscious.

The concept for Green Bike Tours is to show you the green and sustainable city as a bike tour or walking tour – how cities create livable cities for its Citizens of the future.

Our tours focus on the urban design of the future – sustainable solutions, bike culture, renewable energy, smart city solutions, green roofs, water management, energy effeciency in Buildings, mobility and recycling. How cities plan to lower their carbon emissions and become carbon neutral.

All cities have something to show, so the ambition for Green Bike Tours is to take this concept to as many cities as possible.

We are currently in Copenhagen and Malmø and will start to work on a tour in Berlin in Autumn 2019.



Our history


Founded by Helene in 2012

First trip!

Was for a group who wanted to learn about Copenhagen’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2025

New trips 2016

We have created new cool tours for everybody to join by bike


Our new website and booking calendar is up and running