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Come along and explore the green and sustainable Copenhagen with us!

Who we are

Helene Hjortlund
Green Bike Tours is founded by Helene Hjortlund, who takes a great interest in energy and green solutions and prior to this worked for 8 years as a communications advisor and manager in the energy business. She was also the Managing Director of Green Seminars that offered strategic learning to foreign cities to enable them to accelerate their city’s transition to green economy.

She has a master in italian and is an authorised guide with diploma.

Julie Gibson
Julie is a green guide. Her favourite green spot in Copenhagen is Frederiksberg Garden with big beautiful trees, big birds flying around and the chance of getting a bit lost “in the woods”. Julie loves being outside and observing small peculiar phenomena’s in nature, where biking is the ideal way of getting around.

She comes from a small town an hour away from Copenhagen, with plenty of fields and forests . She thought she was giving up nature to live in the city, but that was not the case. For Julie it was amazing to discover that Copenhagen is like no other “big city” with its many green oasis’s, climate friendly initiatives and outdoor vibe. She is continuously discovering more hidden nature in Copenhagen, and she is looking very forward to showing you all the best places.

David Cano
David is a green guide. His favourite green site is Tivoli Gardens, not just for its progressive approach to biodiversity and sustainability, but also for its generally magical vibe. Before moving to Denmark, he risked life and limb living and cycling in London, New York, and Madrid. So he’s understandably grateful to have landed in the world’s most bike-friendly city. Fascinated by sustainable cities, he loves exploring Copenhagen’s many green sites and hidden gems, and still can’t quite believe that it’s okay to swim in the harbour.
Anita Pedersen
Anita is a green guide. She grew up in Copenhagen and could not imagine a better way to transport herself around the city than on her bike.

Her favourite green area is the green cycle route which connects people and different parts of the city. The bike lane meander through the city and creates a vibrant green space for people to take a stroll or hang out in the sun. She especially loves the part that takes one through Nørrebro’s urban park. She looks forward to share ‘her’ city’s many green initiatives with you.

Anton Wrisberg

Anton is a green guide. Growing up in Copenhagen, Anton has always  taken for granted all the green and sustainable initiatives surrounding his everyday life. However, by living with international students, he has come to realise that what we have is unique.

Through his expatriation in Amsterdam and Brisbane he knows that one has to live in and not just visit a city to truly understand it. It is this knowledge about the green Copenhagen that he has been looking forward to sharing with people visiting his beloved city. He is especially looking forward to letting you in on a few secrets of how to get the most out of the sustainable Copenhagen as a student!

Josefine Wulffeld

Josefine is a green guide. She lives in Copenhagen, and loves to experience and share the city’s many green initiatives. On a daily basis she is part of the danish bicycle-culture, and doesn’t go anywhere without her bike. She enjoys spending time in the green areas of the city, eating dinner from foodtrucks or markets and discovering new interesting places. For her, Copenhagen is the perfect combination of cityvibe and green experience.

Aurelia Brida
Aurelia is a green guide. When outside, she loves to absorb the small details, such as reflections in the windows, colourful houses and finding plants growing out of the concrete. Often you can see her cycling around in Copenhagen, with a big smile on her face appreciating the moment. Her favourite place is the Horticultural Garden, a place with a small pond with ducks in the middle and big old trees to climb.
Silvia Giulietti
Silvia is a green guide. She is also an architect and consider herself a city – animal. Italian born, but feels Copenhagen is her hometown, which she by the way considers one of the best expressions of modern city planning and managing for the people. She likes understanding the special spirit of each place and how the city has developed over the centuries. She loves cycling along the harbour ring. Her favourite spot in Copenhagen is the Glyptoteket winter’s garden.